Planning for Life Insurance in Nigeria

Planning for the future of you and your family is important. Investing in life insurance in Nigeria is a smart move, especially to ensure that your family or dependents are financially stable in the unfortunate event of a death or disability.

Questions to Ask

When looking into policies for life insurance in Nigeria, you should ask a handful of questions to determine the best policy to meet your needs. Determine how much life coverage you need. Ask when the policy will be paid out and how it will be paid to your family. Determine what your options are for having readily available cash if an estate is tied up.

Benefits of Life Insurance in Nigeria

There are many benefits to having life insurance in Nigeria, the most important being the coverage for your family’s future in the event of an unexpected death or disability. Life insurance in Nigeria is typically paid out in one lump sum if you pass away, which can be used to settle debt and cover other financial costs. Or, the money can be used by your family to provide income following the tragedy.

Choosing the Right Life Insurance in Nigeria

Determine what you prefer in terms of coverage when looking at life insurance in Nigeria. The amount of coverage you can purchase ranges, so you don’t have to have a specific limit to the amount covered. You should determine if the life insurance in Nigeria will cover your entire life or a specific period, known as term coverage.

What to Look For When Covering Death

When looking at life insurance in Nigeria to cover death, look for a plan that has immediate coverage for up to 30 days before you make your first premium payment. This insures your family will receive the full amount if something happens in that time frame.

Make sure the plan covers terminal illness, which will be paid in full to your family in the event of a terminal illness diagnosis. Additional coverage should be an option to cover up to 12 months with no requirement for additional medical tests or doctor visits.

Coverage for an Entire Family

The price tag of your policy for life insurance in Nigeria will depend on if you decide to purchase additional coverage on family members. Such additional coverage is smart and can be used to cover funeral expenses. You can choose to cover yourself, your spouse, children and additional members in your extended family.

Accidental Death Option

Most companies who offer life insurance in Nigeria will also offer an accidental death policy. One should consider such coverage if you’re at risk of being involved in an accident or if you cannot qualify for life coverage due to health reasons.

Investing in general life insurance in Nigeria is important in protecting the financial future of your family. Such coverage can ensure your family will be able to meet financial needs and cover expenses in the tragic event of your death or disability.

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