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The Basics of Term Insurance

Term insurance is the most affordable life insurance policy. As in the name, it is limited to a specific time period. Term insurance can cover 10 – 30 years. If your death happens within in the term, your insurance policy will be paid in full. If you buy term life insurance online, many companies will provide coverage during the term you’ve specified. Yet, if your term expires before your death, then your loved ones will not get the pay out.

Term Insurance Offers Cost Savings

For many, term insurance offers a significant savings, as compared to other life insurance policies. It’s affordable and offers the coverage when you need it. It is the highest sold life insurance policy, yet it only represents a small percentage of total premiums. Those who buy term insurance generally see a significant cost savings compared to other life insurance policies.

Term Insurance Is Best For Many

Term life insurance is best for individuals under 40 years old and who are healthy. Those over 40 could see an increased rate in premiums. Since it can be purchased for large amounts of coverage at a low premium, it is also a good choice for those seeking coverage of home mortgage, outstanding debt, educational expenses or car loans. Term insurance is a good fit for younger people and families who need protection against the loss of income from the insurer.

Factors Weighing on Your Term Insurance Cost

There are many factors about an individual that could affect your premium price of your term insurance policy. Age and gender play the biggest role in your cost, with younger individuals getting better rates. Women also tend to get lower rates. Rates are also dependent on unhealthy habits, such as smoking, high cholesterol and obesity. Insurers will also ask about family history, such as heart disease, which could increase your rate.

Your driving record and place of employment will also weigh on your price tag. Those with a bad driving record may see higher rates. If you have a job that is a bit risky, you may see a higher premium as well.

Shop Around Before You Buy Term Insurance

It’s important to shop around before you buy term insurance to ensure you’re getting the best price and the right coverage. Use a few websites and obtain various quotes to find the best companies with more-lenient standards. Compare company reviews and see who has the best plan to meet your needs.

Having term insurance in place is important to protect your family in the event of your death. Choosing to buy term insurance is smart and can be the most cost-efficient choice and easy to complete for those seeking insurance.

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