The Best Life Insurance Companies in Nigeria

Planning for your family’s future is smart, especially when it involves a life insurance policy plan. Finding the best life insurance companies can be challenging, as there are many companies offering services in Nigeria. Here’s a look at some of the best.

Zenith Insurance

As one of the best life insurance companies in Nigeria, Zenith Insurance is known to offer great customer service when it comes to life insurance plans. The company offers a wide range of traditional life insurance products, retirement and death benefit policies to meet anyone’s needs. They also have a saving/investment option for the insured when the life policy matures.

AIICO Insurance

AIICO Insurance has earned a spot as one of the best life insurance companies. The company offers several life insurance plans, including various term insurance policies. According to AIICO, they are the biggest life insurance companies in Nigeria. They offer plans for personal and business insurance as well.

Mutual Benefits Assurance

Mutual Benefits Assurance is one of the best life insurance companies because they offer a wide range of specific life insurance policies. They have multiple term life insurance policies, group life insurance, whole life assurance, keyman insurance policy for companies seeking coverage for an accidental death of an employee and a mortgage protection policy. The various policies allow those seeking insurance to customize a policy to be very specific to their needs.

Staco Insurance Plc

In 2008, Staco Insurance Plc earned the best insurance company award, earning them a spot as one of the best life insurance companies still today. Staco’s personal protection plan protects families from the consequences of accidental death, serious injury or hospitalization following an accident. In addition to providing coverage, the plan also includes benefits if the insurer suffers from paralyses due to a disease. The plan terminates at age 70, but the benefits can be adjusted to meet the needs of members.

Industrial & General Insurance Plc

As one of the largest insurance companies in Africa, Industrial & General Insurance Plc is ranked as one of the best insurance companies to work with. They offer both individual policies with seven various plans to choose from and group life insurance policies with three different plans.

Leadway Insurance

As one of the best life insurance companies, Leadway Insurance is a global insurance provider. They offer a wide range of life insurance package to meet the specific needs of those seeking life insurance. They also receive high remarks by those who have purchased policies with Leadway.

Finding the best life insurance companies is not very difficult when there is a variety to choose from. The key to getting the best life insurance policy is to make sure the company is respected and approved.

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